Megan Fox vs. Marilyn Monroe

29 Feb

“‘There’s going to be a day when you don’t love this stuff anymore”

If you have a drop of ink in your skin, chances are you’ve been told this once or twenty times.  I love all my tattoos, no matter how old – and most people I know feel the same way about theirs.

Not everyone is happy with the tattoos of their youth however – and it seems Megan Fox is one of them.  First to go under the laser is her forearm tattoo of Marilyn Monroe,  “‘I was stubborn and thought that I was going to love it forever” she said, and in the end, “It’s not that way at all.”

It’s always sad to see a piece of art go up in smoke – but take comfort in the fact there are many more Marilyn Monroe tattoos out there!

We’ve Changed Everthing

7 Feb

If you’ve been poking around lately, you’ve noticed some big changes happening. First we changed our color scheme to make the text more readable and friendly for you.  Next, we had several profiles with invalid email addresses.  This was causing some issues when people would try to contact a shop and be unable to.  We’ve worked very hard over the past two weeks to find and remove all old or outdated emails from our system.  Another great thing we did was add a bunch of features for tattoo artists to show off their artwork – but more on that in an upcoming blog post!

We hope you like the new changes and would love to hear feedback from you!

Say Hello To SF’s Newest Tattoo Shop

30 Jan

With the Transamerica Building towering overhead, a fascinating new tattoo shop has opened in the heart of the SF’s famous North Beach district.

Dream Masters is the third shop of tattoo artist Svetoslav Svetoslavov, and his first in the US.  With the opening of his shop, Svetoslav brings his unique artwork with an emphasis on dark, realistic themes, and over a decade of experience to the longstanding historic tattoo tradition of San Francisco.

Though experienced in many styles of tattooing, “Horror Realistic” is a personal favorite and his shop is currently offering a 30% discount to fans of the genre.

For more information or contact info, head over to Svetoslav’s Profile.

Plan your vacation around your tattoos

26 Jan

A few months back I visited LA to check out a few of the many tattoo shops in the area.   After making our rounds I suggested we hit Manhattan Beach and enjoy the weather down south away from the clouds and fog of the bay area.

We made our way through traffic, fought the parking gods for a spot and after what seemed like half the day, were finally walking out to the sand to towel change and tan when my friend Trish let out a gasp.  Turns out she had been tattooed on her upper thigh the week before – and that meant absolutley no sun. None.

Trish spent the rest of the day collecting weird looks and getting sand in her jeans – but it’s not an uncommon mistake at all.

A fresh tattoo can take you out of the surf, marathon training, or even work, for a few days.  I tell my friends to get tattoo during boring times.  Going to see the family in BFE? Get one before your flight.  Sprained your ankle? Hobble to the studio.

Just don’t get caught with sand in your jeans.

AM-JAM Tattoo Expo in Syracuse

18 Jan

In nine days,  Jan 27-29 , one of the largest tattoo events in New York will kick off in Syracuse, NY.   With over 75 artists and tattoo celebrety apperances, the am-jam expo isn’t something you want to miss.  Something for everyone, the expo will feature over 20 tattoo competitions for those already tattooed as well as live artists ready to lay down ink on the spot.

Celebrity guests include Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink and Lizardman, as well as Doreen Lewis and Kim of  Phoenix Rising fame.

The cost is $10 per day, or all three days for $25.

Find more details here:

InkedList Founder gets new ink Part II

18 Jan

The rumors are true.  Yesterday I got my fourth tattoo courtesy of the very talented Idexa Stern.   I chose  Idexa after seeing her style of work and believing that she would be able to pull off the slightly complicated vision I had.


At first glance it looks like a fiery-tribal sort of band – but if you look closer and focus on the negative space, you’ll be able to make out a word.

Give up? Highlight for the answer: attack


For more cool tattoos, check out

InkedList founder gets new Ink

18 Jan

Our intrepid founder – Nathan Maffeo – has just texted Josh the intern to let us all know that his newest tattoo is complete.  We don’t know what it was but we’ll find out tomorrow he says.

He told us it was small and inconspicuous so we’re pretty sure it looks something like this:


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